Shintiara RPG: a world of Magic and Time Paradoxes

Created by Giovanni Maurizio Ali Pola

Shintiara RPG: a world of Magic and Time Paradoxes
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30 Official Character Sheets + 20 amazing characters
30 Shintiara's Official Character Sheets Printed on quality paper + 20 Sheets of amazing pre-... more »
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Core Manual Hardbound
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Core Manual Softbound
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Core Manual PDF
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[PLEASE NOTE THAT the book will be eventually produced in 2 languages: English and Italian. You'll choose your preferred language at the time of confirming your funding if the kickstarter will be successful...]

Author's message

Hi everybody! I'm so excited! I have been planning this game since 1996! Yes, you got that... this is a 20 year old project in which I have put all my passion for game design, fantastic stories and role-playing games. 

Now thanks to my fellow travellers and extraordinary co-authors, Raoul Farinon and Marco Riccardi, both with over 20 years of experience in role-playing games, we have expanded the setting and worked on the rules and we added three-dimensionality to our ideas with the fantastic illustrations of the Art director Simone Denti, Tyler Edlin and many others.

The game has been playtested by dozens of experts and players, and is now almost ready. Now it's your turn: help us make this dream come true!

Giovanni Pola
Giovanni Pola


Shintiara, Adventures on the Event Horizon is a Roleplaying Tabletop Game that uses an exclusive setting developed in over 20 years. 

Shintiara is a planet for which a star and a black hole are competing and this fight is causing great time paradoxes: a fantasy world with strong science-fiction elements, where players are called upon to live incredible adventures and to question themselves on the nature of the universe.

The project envisages the printing of a high quality hardcover manual, approximately 300 pages long with colour images.




According to how the characters answer this question, they could cause either the survival or the destruction of the world they live in.



In Shintiara, Adventures on the Event Horizon, players assume the role of heroes called The Recruited. The Recruited are people who received an inner call at a certain point in their lives. 

The force that maintains balance in the universe has chosen them to lead the world of Shintiara towards its destiny, without however revealing to anyone what this destiny is. The Recruited possess a deeper comprehension than anyone else about the current clash on the planet.

They know well that Murya, the fallen star, is attracting the world towards a black hole where time and space will disappear and all will be swallowed by The Void. While Shintiara approaches the point of no return of Murya’s gravitational field, the so-called event horizon, unbelievable temporal paradoxes happen on its surface: objects, living beings and whole places appear, recalled from the past or from the future.

Map of Shintiara (available on canvas in the DELUXE reward)
Map of Shintiara (available on canvas in the DELUXE reward)

On the other side there is Siray’s gravitational field instead, the white star, that tries its best to maintain Shintiara within the Cosmos, i.e. in a reality where facts and events follow one another according to precise laws. Everyone, in the world of Shintiara, is aware of this situation, but only the Recruited know they can make a difference with their actions and that, siding either with Siray or Murya, they can enormously increase their personal power up to becoming god-like beings ( the so-called Champions of the Cosmos or the Void ).

The rest of Shintiara’s inhabitants is worried and discusses on the paradoxes, a bit like our society worries about pollution and the hole in the ozone layer: we know of their existence, but continue to act normally. The Recruited do not take the fact that every day is followed by another for granted. Timelines from many parallel universes reveal themselves on the surface of the planet and, when these paradoxical demonstrations come into contact, they can produce further paradoxes, increasing the attractive strength of Murya and the probability that reality will be completely destroyed. If and when Shintiara will pass beyond the event horizon, it will be swallowed into the Void with all its history, its complexity, life forms and magic that characterize it. A Recruited is therefore called upon every day either to accelerate or to slow this process down, knowing that every minute that passes could be the last for Shintiara.

Characters can thus achieve great power, rare knowledge, powerful weapons but only at the expense of gaining a certain amount of paradox. When too much paradoxical energy accumulates, new disorders arise, because timelines can overlap and generate a Timewarp, a temporal vortex capable of producing further paradoxical events.

Will you decide to follow the path of the Void and to accelerate the fall into the black hole, or to believe in the Cosmic order and slow these paradoxical events on the planet down? The future of Shintiara is in your hands.


Places, building, people or technology: anything can appear on Shintiara travelling from different eras!

A Mysterious Techno-fanatic Skirth
A Mysterious Techno-fanatic Skirth

In Shintiara it is possible to come across cities such as Damarthy, a megalopolis from a possible future without its original power supply and inhabited by a primitive population. Or one can discover that an ancient temple was in fact erected to defend a scientific laboratory from the future. In a big city the illegal commerce of paradoxical laser weapons could lead to a crisis in the stability of a whole kingdom... and so on.

a Wise Zolkan Surgeon
a Wise Zolkan Surgeon


The forest of Fanduil, where creatures of light and sentient vegetables live
The forest of Fanduil, where creatures of light and sentient vegetables live



Shintiara is a game in which it is possible to assume the role of hundreds of different original characters choosing among different races never seen in a fantasy world before, with dozens of options, enhancements and limitations.

Shintiara uses a game system called Modern d100, a unique system which has a mechanism that is founded on a sole percentage to exceed by sum of advantages or disadvantages.

Shintiara is a must for the classical d100 fans: an evolution that brings narrative elements and character construction systems that are extremely personalized and quick at the same time. It goes beyond the classical division between good and evil, between law and chaos and into a more profound distinction between Cosmos and Void, with moral implications which the growth of your character itself towards an ever greater knowledge and power will depend upon.


Every character and every adversary only has one percentage as reference point: Inner Strength. In this way the goal is always the same, but the physical or mental aptitudes, specializations and other Advantages or Disadvantages will either make it easier or more difficult to reach that percentage.

Choose a Role for your character as reference point for the party (Pure, Heroic, Outcast, Wise, Mysterious, Haughty) that defines how you will behave towards others. 

Choose to be a Human or one of the 5 original races at your disposal (never seen before in a fantasy game) 


Enigmatic felinoids called Reverse People because they can climb a full 360 degrees with their strong claws but also because they always say the opposite of what they really think or do. 


Imagine if everyone thought that in the future you will be the cause of the end of the world. Winged Garduans organize in military brigades and live like recluses in their mountains, barricaded against a world that does not want them.

Heroic Mercenary Garduan
Heroic Mercenary Garduan


The proud people of the grasslands, the Darqarots, were considered a little more than beasts of burden just a few decades ago, before a fast and incredible evolution. They now live close to nature, looking for a place in the complex world of Shintiara. They don't feel comfortable with written language, but they are anything but ignorant or stupid. Finally they never, never, never failure to keep a promise.


Zolkan are the only really alien race in Shintiara. They came on the planet thousands of years ago, to collect as much knowledge as they can. Collecting knowledge seems to be they main reason to live. Most people think that they have telepathic powers, but the truth is that they speak using ultrasounds that no one can hear except a few animals. 


Wyspers are ature spirits of pure light that spend some decades of their immortal life in semi-human form. They are born form the thoughts of their parents, conjured from Otherplace, the home of the nature spirits that only shamans can visit. Everyone loves and respects them, but the faith in The Void takes root even among them...  

a Pure Ascetic Wysper
a Pure Ascetic Wysper

Choose between dozens of ready-made vocations waiting to be personalized: the Chrono-Guardian, the Wood-Singer, the Bureaucrat, the Enamoured Merchant, the Techno-Fanatic and many others.


Roll your dice in a completely different way! Every roll of the classic d100 is accompanied by another d10, the Asset die, that is used to calculate applicable Advantages and Disadvantages and drastically change the result of the roll.

About dozens of different options allow the player and the narrator to build unique characters and adversaries very quickly. The rules manage typical elements of the setting of Shintiara such as Tech Levels and Paradox Points.

Plasma rifle with a magic Stone of Containment
Plasma rifle with a magic Stone of Containment

 8.500 Euro (About 9.000 USD) UNLOCKED!!!

We'll have the opportunity to insert in all prizes the PDF version ( or paper version in case of purchase of at least a printed manual ) of an adventure in exclusive edition for our backers, "Wicked Seeds from a Future Past" set in disturbing caves to the north, where temporal paradoxes have transported a threat from a mysterious and distant past, rather than from the future...

12.000 Euro (about 12.700 USD)

We'll have the opportunity to insert within all prizes the PDF version ( or paper version in case of purchase of at least a printed manual ) of an adventure in exclusive edition for our backers, "Big Trouble in Kayatooga": a mix of Fantasy and Wild West set in Shintiara’s frontier, where a calm town struck by paradoxical events ends up on the verge of a war with a tribe of fierce Darqarot...


Shintiara is an Italian project that we present in two languages: Italian and English. You will choose which version you want (Italian or English) after the project will be eventually funded. 
All physical prizes can be delivered anywhere in the world at the following costs save in case of better conditions which could be proposed to our backers and envisage a traditional non-express delivery:

ADVANCED PLEDGE (Softbound book) 
USA/Canada/UK/Italy:  up to 7 Euro (7,5 USD)
OTHER COUNTRIES: up to 10 Euro (10,5 USD)

DELUXE PLEDGE (Hardbound book)
USA/Canada/UK/Italy: up to 9 Euro (9,5 USD)
OTHER COUNTRIES: up to 12 Euro (12,5 USD)

TOP PLEDGE (Hardbound + hey there's a lot of stuff in here!)
USA/Canada/UK/Italy: up to 15 Euro (16 USD) 
OTHER COUNTRIES: up to 18 Euro (19 USD)

PARTY PACK PLEDGE (Hardbound x4 + hey there's a lot of stuff in here!)
USA/Canada/UK/Italy: up to 25 Euro (26,5 USD)
OTHER COUNTRIES: up to 28 Euro (29,7 USD)

Possible better conditions in both delivery times and costs can be submitted to our backers at delivery stage of the products. This project is directed at the US, Canada, EU and UK in particular.

Expected delivery date refers to the Shintiara manual. Other prizes can be delivered at later dates.